Real Women Write!

by - 8:00 PM


I am delighted that my poem "ER Revelations" was selected to be in Real Women Write: Sharing Our Stories, Sharing Our Lives (Volume 15). 

ER Revelations

I am not sorry…

 to drive myself here.

to check the divorced box on the medical paperwork.

to not write your name in the In Case of Emergency Call slot.

to wait alone in the treatment room.

to answer the questions myself.

to no longer have to tolerate your loudly unsaid judgment that if I have a health problem it is because I am fat.

to have only my mind to parse what the doctors say.

to make treatment decisions on my own.

to give myself a little hug and pat and say this will be all right.

to feel safe even in the emergency room. 

to feel so peaceful. 

to feel so powerful.

I am not sorry, not sorry at all.

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