The Good Men Project

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I’ve found a new home for my writing. I am pleased to be a contributor at The Good Men Project,, and The Good Men Project on Facebook. Their tag line is, The conversation no one else is having.  My second post, 5 Significant Things My Men’s Group Taught Me, went public today. My first post, 5 Wrong Ideas You May Have About Dating a Woman Who Was Betrayed, was published in April.    

I wanted to find a home on the Internet where I could post some of the things I have been thinking about as I write my memoir, a place where I could engage with other people interested in the issues I was. I never dreamed it would be on a site for men. But I don’t know why not. I found the site through my friend and colleague, Jed Diamond, He posts on The Good Men Project regularly and I would often respond to his articles with a comment and thoroughly enjoy watching the discussion unfold. I missed the notification when my first post went live and when I did realize it, several weeks later, I was pleased that there were two comments.  Jed suggested I check the number of Facebook shares as a reflection of the post’s reach. As of this writing there have been over 900 shares!   

Once you have been accepted as a contributor, you are invited to join the community and receive weekly writing prompts and invitations to join in classes and weekly chat session related to content and trends. This has been a tremendous experience thus far. My editor, Wilhelm Cortez, gives me precise and prompt feedback that is definitely improving my writing skills. My head is full of ideas for future contributions.

If you are unfamiliar with The Good Men Project, please go over and check out my posts and then sign up for email delivery. You will get thought-provoking articles covering a wide array of interests and topics. It is definitely not just for men and definitely a conversation worth having.

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