Cafe Writing

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I enjoy writing in cafes, many writers do. Sometimes I meet with a friend or friends and we write side-by-side. Sometimes I just go by myself. No writer is ever really alone when she is deep in her story. I thought today I would share some photographs of a few of my favorite writing haunts and why I like them.

The Emporium Wines and Underdog Café in Yellow Springs, Ohio is my Sunday morning gathering place with my writing tribe. Four of us cluster around a table and write our hearts out. By the time we call it quits, usually noon or so, I feel accomplished enough to reward myself with a jaunt though the delightful local shops. The standard tag line is that in Yellow Springs it is still the ‘60’s and I love it!

Ghostlight Café is nestled into the South Park District in the city of Dayton. The café owner loves globes so they are scattered throughout the shop. As a person with wanderlust, I find this oddly soothing. When I need a break away from the words, I spin a globe, lay my finger down and take an imaginary journey. Very restful, very inspiring, and just the break I need to return refreshed to my work. I find it amusing that the GHOSTlight café windows often have a foggy, misty. Most coffee shops have bike racks and theirs is perfect. It is the molecular structure for coffee.

And finally, Stony Creek Roasters Café in Cedarville, Ohio. This one is a longer drive for me but close to one of my writing tribe so I meet her there occasionally. I like the small town atmosphere, the wide planked floors and cheery fireplace. And I love the tumbling creek the shop overlooks.

The only thing missing in all of these cafes is dogs. In Europe it is very common to see dogs in restaurants and cafes. This is the closest thing I have seen to that in the USA. This fine fellow was waiting at Starbucks for his person to come back. I think he would have preferred to have the coffee bring them together inside :-)

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