Tush to the Cush

by - 7:25 PM

Sometimes I sit down and the words just flow, sometimes not. I never see myself as blocked but often see myself as paused. Not stuck, just momentarily stopped. I know what I want to write about, may even have a rough draft or notes to work from but don’t begin. I will procrastinate in a myriad of ways. I might check Facebook. I might check email. I might make a cup of tea. I might check blog posts. I might tweak my website. I might call a friend and encourage her in her writing. I may have to see what is on Dr. Phil (really avoiding then). I might have to read just a few more chapters of the latest Louise Penny book (She is such a talented writer that I can call this inspiration). I might just bolt from my chair and make soup! But none of that gets words on the page.

I have set up numerous systems to keep myself on task. I belong to several on-line writing groups where we track words and encourage one another. I belong to a critique group where I have promised a certain number of pages. I belong to a fantastic Sunday morning Deep Writing group where we sit with one another and just write, side-by-side.

Eric Maisel (www.ericmaisel.com) creativity coach and author extraordinaire, offers this advice. If you feel yourself wanting to jump from your seat for whatever reason, just pause for thirty seconds to a minute. If you can stay there that small amount of time, the urge will pass and you can go on. Susan Wittig Albert (www.susanalbert.com) prolific author and founder of the Story Circle Network (www.storycircle.org) was the first person I heard use the phrase “tush to the cush.” I like that, gentle sounding words but a stern admonition.

So I stay in my chair. I wait for a minute. I repeat, “Tush to the cush.” And most of the time I can relax back into my writing and let the words flow. Now, to work on a system for regular submitting!

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