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I am always so thrilled when one of my fellow writers gets an acceptance letter that her work is being published. And I always think about how wonderful that would feel. But I was not submitting my work so the chances of acceptance were, well, zero. 

I finally submitted a personal essay, Intersection, to two literary magazines. The first rejected it within a week. My plan, based on advice from some friends who are being published regularly, was to submit to two more places for every rejection. So, I did that, I submitted to two more literary magazines. I had composed a list of my top five choices as a home for this piece and had now submitted to four of them. I was getting ready to find some more possibilities when the wonderful email came.

Mothers Always Write literary magazine, one of my top five choices, accepted Intersection for publication in a future issue. I will keep you posted and supply a link when the work is published. In the meantime, you can go to, scroll to the bottom of the page and sign up for a subscription to this lovely literary magazine.

Feeling the joy!

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