Literary Citizenship

by - 7:30 PM

I am feeling very rich today. I have the pleasure of reading and responding to the work of three members of my writing tribe. One piece is a Young Adult Work In Progress that is keeping me completely enthralled. She has only shared a few chapters and I am so interested in finding out where these charcters go and how their problems resolve. Her writing is delicious! The second piece is a book proposal and chapter sample from a well published friend. This proposal gladdens my heart because I can see what he is trying to share and know there is a huge untapped audience for his topic. The third is a poetic memoir that is so hauntingly beautiful and rich that I have to step away every few pages to absorb the words and to process the feelings she evokes.

Reading other writers' work is one facet of my literary citizenship. I am enriched and inspired by their writing. It informs and encourages mine. It is an honor and a privilege. 

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