A Lesson from the Cotons

by - 7:31 PM

These Cotons de Tulear are the two newest members of the Whelley clan. That's Luckie on the left and Lucie on the right. They join big sister Yorkie Lottie Ann. My son Brendan and I are simply delighted with them. Their fur, hair actually as they are considered hypoallergenic, is as soft as cotton. Coton is the French word for cotton so they are aptly named. 

It is very much like being a new mother when you have a puppy and doubly so when you have two. My writing practice with Lottie Ann is well established. When the laptop comes out, she settles nearby to act as my muse. Well, the Cotons have no such respect for my time! When they awaken, I need to take them outside and I need to do it immediately or accept the consequences. When they want to play, they will nip at my toes until I join them. They do not care that I want to finish a sentence or reread that last paragraph. Thank goodness it only takes a few seconds to save my work so no words have been lost.

I have spent quite a bit of time observing them and they have reminded me of an important life lesson. Whatever you are doing, do it full out! I sometimes get caught up in the belief that I need to have a certain number of dedicated writing hours or I will not move my writing forward. I have learned again that I can get good work done in twenty minutes and do not always have to have two hours. Knowing that I may be pulled away at any moment has increased my focus tremendously. When I am writing I try to do it with the same intensity as the Cotons play. And...the words are flowing! So thanks Lucie and Luckie for the life lesson. I am again striving to be fully present in whatever I am doing and accepting that what I acccomplish during that time is often enough, maybe more than enough.

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