It's Back!

by - 7:33 PM

Sometimes you have to completely let go before something can be resolved. After the loss of my data, I decided to just start writing new pieces and to build some of those on work I lost. Whenever I would realize yet another piece that was missing, I would take a deep breath and just let it go.

Then the miracle happened. I got a call from the Geek Squad saying my computer was repaired and asking me if I still wanted a data back up. I was puzzled by this. I explained that I did not need a back up, I needed a level three data retrieval. Now she was puzzled. I explained further that they were to send the hard drive over to the data retrieval techs. She said they did not have to replace the hard drive. They replaced the screen, the key board, and some other bits but did not need to repace the hard drive because it was just fine and the data was intact. Oh happy day!

My computer is repaired and at a much lower cost than estimated because they did not have to replace the hard drive. My data is intact and I am so grateful. Miracles do happen!

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