Every Writer's Nightmare

by - 7:34 PM

Most writers worry about losing their data. I thought I was well protected against this. My first line of defense was to email myself a copy of each day’s work. Then I also had iCloud back up and occasionally downloaded my work onto a separate hard drive. While I was in Paris, a fellow writer introduced me to Drop Box and even was kind enough to install it for me. I had checked my photos and saw them on Drop Box so I figured all was well. Plus I occasionally got the iCloud reminder so I figured all was good there as well. While in Paris, I dutifully emailed my work to myself every day but once I got home I was less vigilant. I mean, I had not one but two cloud backup systems so I was feeling pretty safe.

On September 2nd I was having a rough day. My PTSD had been triggered so I was practicing good self-care. I exercised, took a hot tub, and settled myself on the deck for a nice long writing session. I was pleased with my work but still feeling pretty edgy. I went in the house to make myself some lunch and… fell asleep. People with trauma brain do that. When I woke up more than an hour later it was still sunny out but the air was cooler. When I went back on the deck, I realized I had slept through a thunderstorm. My laptop, journal, and I-phone were still on the table where I had been writing.

The journal had a leather cover and was closed so except for some wetness on the edges was fine. My I-Phone was okay as well as it has a hard case. But my laptop was sitting open. When I picked it up, water poured out the sides. Not a good sign. I immediately turned it on edge to drain while I called the Geek Squad. They said bring it in…

Well, I did. When I explained what had happened even the Geek Squad guy was horrified. He said they would dry it out and see if the data was intact. I just cried.

And... no documents in my cloud back ups. Photos, yes. Documents, no. Sigh.

Two days later he called with the news that they could find NO data. They would have to send the laptop away for repair and that would take anywhere from two to four weeks. I would have the option after that to send the old hard drive to their data retrieval service for a level three data recovery attempt. It would be very expensive and would take another few weeks.

As I was scheduled for the Antioch Writing Workshop’s Fall Retreat at Grailville with Dinty W. Moore and Cathy Day (see  September 16th post), I needed something to use for the weekend. This problem was solved by the purchase of the I-Pad Air, pictured above and an external keyboard as I thought using the screen keyboard for an entire weekend of intense writing was not a good plan.

I am choosing to count my blessings in that I could purchase the iPad. I have wanted one for a long time and this forced me to grant that wish for myself. I enjoyed my Writing Retreat and am trying hard to let go of the words that may be lost.

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