Pool Rescue!

by - 7:40 PM

I promised I would talk about my writing life and today I have a story to share. I was at one of those ugly places. You know, where you know where you want to go but are clueless as to how to get there? In frustration, I turned off the laptop and headed to the pool. I needed to move.

The pool was almost empty. There was a family having an early dinner at one of the tables, there was one woman swimming laps, and me. I long ago stopped worrying about how I look in the pool. I just head to the deeper end and commence my own little water aerobics class. One of the best things about exercise is that it clears my mind and ideas pop! 

Sure enough, the solution came to me. But, I was in four feet of water and only 20 minutes into my 45-minute workout. I could keep muttering the solution to myself but then I couldn’t count my repetitions. I looked around for a solution and saw the boy, around twelve-years-old, from the family having dinner, saunter over to the lifeguard and show her something. Usually, I am pretty strict about no one distracting an on-duty lifeguard but this was a writing emergency!

I yelled out, “Is that a cell phone?” The somewhat startled kid just nodded. “Do me a favor, call this number, xxx-xxxx, and when the voice mail comes on I will tell you what to say.” Well, the kid was game! He punched in the number and waved to let me know voice mail was up. “Say: chapter break, isolation, matching up broken parts!” He obediently repeated the words; I thanked him and went back to my workout.

As I was winding up my exercise session, he and his family were leaving the pool. He caught my eye and gave me an almost imperceptible nod and I nodded back, co-conspirators! When I got home my voicemail message was flashing. Sure enough, a pre-adolescent voice said, “Chapter break! Isolation! Matching up broken parts!” I had just the prompts I needed to continue my work. I think he has a story to share with his friends, just like I just did with you. I’d love to have heard his version! 

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