My NOT To Do List

by - 7:38 PM

I am one of those people who always has a mile long to do list. And sometimes that list can leave me feeling pretty disheartened. How is that helpful?

So today I have made a committment to myself to have a NOT to do list. Today, I am NOT going to compare my writing progress to any one else's progress. I am going to write at my pace and complete the exact number of words that matches that pace. I am NOT going to tell myself I should have done more and I am NOT going to miss the joy of the words I write by thinking there should have been more of them. 

I feel good about this. Today's words found their way into a poem. I kept cutting words instead of adding and the result was a poem that I love.

Just as an aside, I had to decide to NOT obsess about whether or not to hyphenate to do list! :-) And NOT to worry that this is a two sentence paragraph!

How about you, fellow writers, what could be on your NOT to do list today?

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