Deep Writing Workshop Paris 2014

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Every year I travel to a beautiful city to write. Why do I do this? I write constantly so why travel to write somewhere else? One reason of course is my wanderlust. It was oh-so-easy to commit to time in Paris, one of my favorite cities. Eric Maisel’s Deep Writing Workshops are a unique experience. This year twenty writers from South Africa, Scotland, England, Finland, Norway, Germany, Canada, and the United States (California, New Mexico, Connecticut, New York, Tennessee, Washington, and Ohio) spent four hours a day together just… writing. Aside from stating what we were writing about the first day, no work is shared during the sessions. Eric will do brief lessons each day at the start and during break but the volume of time is spent writing. The collective writing energy in the room seems to put my writing into overdrive. This year I wrote over 16,000 words. It is power writing, pressing forward to get it down. It is not perfect writing; all of it requires revision. But now I have 16,000 words to revise that did not exist before this week!

In the past Eric has offered optional afternoon sessions on marketing, publishing, and organizing your work. This year, one of the workshop participants, April Bosshard, offered sessions on story as it relates to three act structure, character and motivation, scene, and plot. These sessions were en plein air at Luxembourg Gardens.

This is how I expand my writing tribe to include writers from around the world. We had time to get to know one another at a Sunday evening party (also in Luxembourg Gardens), an evening dinner at Café Cassette, and a literary salon in a gorgeous Paris apartment where some of us chose to read from our work. As we are in Paris, there was always plenty of wine and delicious food.

As much as I love to travel, I am always pleased to return home. Now nestled back in my comfortable Dayton, Ohio nest, I am reading the words I wrote in Paris, beginning revision and expansion, and thinking about my new writer friends doing the same thing around the globe. I feel creative, hopeful, expectant, and just plain happy.

I send this wonderful energy out to all fellow writers; write on!

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