Why Writing Now?

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I’ve always been a writer in that I have kept journals since I was in college, and diaries before then. I remember my sixth grade self being thrilled with the birthday gift of a red leatherette diary complete with a tiny little key to secure the lock. I kept all those journals. There are more than seventy now, and I am amazed by how opening up a page and beginning to read transports me instantly back to that moment. 

I’m a voracious reader, everything from romance to mystery to memoir to women’s fiction to classics. I can read a cookbook like others read a novel. Self help books, travelogues, historical fiction, love them all! Poetry, magazines, maps… love them too. 

I once thought I’d write some children’s books, still might! For the past few years I have been writing a memoir and a contemporary fiction novel. I have solid first drafts of both. One is in the hands of a literary agent for consideration, the other undergoing intensive revision to move it from that rough first draft to a cohesive draft to send to a few readers.

I’ve joined writing organizations, taken classes and workshops, worked with a marvelous coach, and found partners to meet with and do solid writing time. I’ve learned what it takes to establish a writing practice, find my writing tribe, and how to persevere when I want to quit.

All of this began after a long and lovely career in education. So Writing Now means exactly that. I am writing now because I am compelled to write and because even though I sometimes want to tear out my hair, I love it. I want to share what I have learned thus far and take you with me on the journey as it continues. I want to share the triumphs and frustrations and build a community of fellow writers and dreamers who commit to supporting and encouraging one another. I want to expand my writing tribe.

That’s what Writing Now is all about, finding one another, lifting one another up, and sharing whatever will help fellow writers on the journey.

I’ll be sharing the books I find on writing craft. I’ll share what I learn at workshops and classes. I love inspirational quotes so you can expect plenty of those. I’ll let you know the mistakes I make and the solutions I devise for them.

I want to connect with those of you who are also Writing Now. If you are just thinking about writing, join me. If you have an idea, a few paragraphs, an outline, a first chapter, join me. If you have that first draft and are thinking… now what? Join me. If you are wondering how to find the time to write, join me. If you are seeking a writing tribe, definitely join me!

I’ll be posting regularly and hoping for conversations with you. Writing Now will evolve as we do and I look forward to learning together. Welcome!

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